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A protected natural area, as that in which Cala Loca has luck to be located, represents a special territory, not only for the preservation of biodiversity, but also for the protection and valorisation of cultural identity of each community within.

For us, it is especially a treasure trove of agricultural productions, which characterized the territory.

Our aim, after a lot of years of experience and research, it’s to bring the high quality of wine and food production of our territory within everyone’s reach.

We want to make easily available our typical products of quality with bearable prices, but not only!

We want to explain our manufacturing methods and history of people and company who product the best of the local wine and food production. Our task is to select a group of little companies which work in different sectors of wine and food production: from the pasta of durum wheat, to the wine of the territories of Savona and Genoa, from the oil of the “Riviera Ligure di Ponente” to the charcuterie and cheeses of Beigua … and a lot of other delicacies.

In the Shop, you will find a selection of product which not only we use for create menu in our restaurant, but you can purchase both in the restaurant both through our on-line shop, with home delivery so that to bring, every time you want, a little taste of Beigua Park and of Liguria in your home …everywhere you are!

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