Beigua Riviera

Discover the Beigua Riviera through cultural, naturalistic and eno-gastronomic excursions

The Beigua Riviera is an area rich in naturalistic, cultural and gastronomic treasures. You can discover these beauties through guided excursions on foot, by bicycle or by car.

For nature lovers, the Beigua Regional Nature Reserve is one of the most picturesque places in the area. You can discover the local flora and fauna while walking along the many well-marked trails and enjoying the views of the surrounding mountains.

For culture lovers, the area offers numerous opportunities to visit museums, churches and historical sites. You can visit the Archaeological Museum in Savona, the Giacomo Doria Museum of Natural History in Genoa, the Church of San Lorenzo in Varazze, and the Stone Castle in Arenzano, just to name a few.

But the Beigua Riviera is also an area rich in food and wine excellence. You can taste local wines, such as Pigato and Rossese, accompanied by the dishes of Ligurian cuisine, including the famous focaccia.

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