Boat Excursions

Discovering the cetaceans of the Beigua Riviera

Perhaps not everyone knows that the Beigua Riviera is part of the "Cetacean Sanctuary," a vast area of sea that is home to numerous species of marine mammals. Due to the presence of the upwelling phenomenon, the waters in the area are particularly rich in nutrients and create an ideal habitat for marine life.

If you want to discover this wonderful underwater world, we invite you to book one of our boat tours. In collaboration with Blu Wind Sailing, we offer guided tours to bring you closer to sailing and discovering the cetaceans of the Beigua Riviera.

During the excursion, you can admire the spectacular coastline of Varazze and Cogoleto and venture out in search of the large marine mammals that inhabit these waters. We are sure that the experience of spotting these animals in their natural environment will leave you speechless.

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