Café and restaurant are arranged on a terrace nestled in a little bay where sea, sun, seaside, stones and vegetation get together to offer a unique scenic design.

It is possible to live fully this environment thanks to a special offer thought for every moment of the day. Raw materials: attention for our guests, love for our territory and its products, passion for our work.

In order to make our proposals even more special, as from this year our Chef Fabio avails himself, in addition of the precious and historical collaboration with Maestro Domenico «Mingo» Cavallero, very notable local guardian of the Ligurian traditional cuisine , but also of Chef Gennaro Amitrano, one among the scholars of Maestro Vissani, who assists and supports us in nowadays wine and food project, balancing tradition and innovation.

Chef Gennaro Amitrano Cala Loca

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Colazione in spiaggia CalaLoca con prodotti del Beigua


BREAKFAST: in order to begin the day as best, you can choose among various types of “focaccia” or baked patisserie, fresh orange juices and various fruits, marmalades and handmade honeys as well as other products of the Beigua environment selected time by time in accordance with the season.

In order to complete the whole, some newspapers and good music in the background.
Service is operative from 9:00 to 11:00.

Aperitivo in spiaggia Cala Loca


Two are the moments of the day during which you can taste our special cocktail based on «tapas», prepared with typical products of our environment, and “focaccia”, matched with the wine of selected cellars, handmade bier or with the more classical cocktail:

  • In the morning, from 11:00 to 14:00, dedicated only to guests of our resort. It can be ordered and tasted, comfortably lying in the seaside or on the terrace.
  • In the evening, from 17:00 to 21:00, dedicated also to external guests or to customers who have booked for the dinner. It will be the seaside, duly equipped, or the terrace to host guests who want enjoy the magic of sea in the sunset.
Pranzo in ristorante sulla spiaggia Cala Loca


It’s not easy to mix quality and simplicity, rapidity and care but this is the feather in our cap! Serve a tasty and fresh course which allows you to enjoy again the sea and the sun without waste time. Guests of our resort can choose to taste it served directly on the seaside at their beach loungers or chairs, or on the terrace, which will be opened and at the disposal of the customers coming from the passeggiata Europa too.
Service is operating from 13:00 to 14:30 (in order to choose if lunch at 13 or 14, it’s convenient to book).

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Cena in ristorante sulla spiaggia Cala Loca


In the evening, as if by magic, our terrace switches in atmosphere and appearance in order to offer our customers an exciting wine and food experience, at least for what concerns the panorama on our little bay. That is a restaurant simple but refined, offering the best of environmental products re-elaborated in the tradition with a touch of innovation and creativity.
Menu will be thought for you daily, trying to exalt quality, freshness and seasonality of the raw material.
Service is operative from 20:00 to 22:00.

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