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NOTE: We remind you that restaurant reservations are mandatory in the case of beach reservations.

    (*) we remind you that pets are allowed only in the restaurant and not on the beach

    front row sunbed25,00 €
    maxi sunbed30,00 €
    beach umbrella 2 sunbeds55,00 €
    beach umbrella 2 maxi sunbeds70,00 €
    beach umbrella 2 maxi sunbeds back row55,00 €
    beach umbrella 1 sunbed 1 deckchair48,00 €
    beach umbrella 2 deckchair42,00 €
    cabins20,00 €
    Box5,00 €



    We are waiting

    Bye! From here you can book both the restaurant and the beach. Just keep in mind a few rules that please read! You will find all the useful information in the FAQ section and on the rules of our structure.

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    Via Genova, 52 Piani Invrea 17019 Verazze SV

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