Liguria lovers


Surrounded by nature

For those who want to spend a week fully immersed in nature, the Beigua Riviera offers the opportunity to alternate sea and mountain, even on the same day.

You can, indeed, organize excursions in the mountainous areas close to the villages overlooking the sea. Then, in the afternoon, enjoy the sunset with an aperitif and dine admiring the colours of the sky as the sun falls into the sea.

Or you can alternate with days spent in total relaxation in exclusive coves, sailing trips or hiking in the mountains, or visiting a beautiful botanical garden.

A dive into history and art

For those who want to enjoy the benefits of the sea air, but don’t prefer the beach life, these lands allow walking on old routes, discovering the historical findings, immersing yourself in the ancient art of ceramics, and visiting museums and churches of great historical and religious value. All this in the short distance from Genoa to Savona!

And gone the heat, after a day spent discovering the beauty of this place, stay in front of the sea waiting to enjoy a delicious fish dinner and, why not, toasting with good white wine!

Trekking and more

The Beigua Riviera can, and everyone can confirm, be considered the ideal place for those who want to spend their holidays hiking and, more generally, to be in movement. Thanks to the short distance between the sea and mountains, you can enjoy the countless paths that climb, more or less gently, along the slopes of Mount Beigua. But not only that. For lovers of walking or cycling, you can across the longest promenade in Europe that connects all the towns from Arenzano to Savona. Along this route, you can enjoy both the breathtaking views that nature offers, and admire the work of artists who, in Albisola marina, wanted to embellish the pavement, with their works.

And after such a hard day, you must give yourself a moment of total relaxation, dining in front of the sea, by the light of a candle, and enjoying natural foods prepared for you by our chefs.

Golf, golf, and more golf

We know, for golf lovers, holidays are not holidays without a pitch, preferably an 18-hole one. There you go. In the Beigua Riviera, in addition to one of the most renowned clubs in Italy, there are two other golf courses ready to welcome experienced players, beginners, and anybody who is curious.

After the circuit, you can go immediately to the sea, to enjoy the last rays of sun in total relaxation, drinking an aperitif in front of the sea, waiting for a dinner based on typical local products.

If holiday means sea!

If holiday means sea at 360°, the Beigua Riviera offers everything you could wish for. Lovers of total relaxation can spend their days in an exclusive cove, surrounded only by the sea and nature.

Those who want to alternate moments of rest, perhaps spent in the company of a book to read under the sun-umbrella, and more dynamic activities will be spoilt for choice. From excursions by SUP or canoe to sailing trips of one or more days, or diving to discover the rich seabed of the area.

And for those who want sailing lessons, no problem! The Beigua Riviera also offers this service.

In the evening, you can change the scenario and dine in typical inland restaurants, but if your call is always the sea, this area offers interesting solutions.

Sail! The Sanctuary of cetaceans and beyond

Perhaps not everyone knows that the Beigua Riviera is part of that stretch of sea called the "Sanctuary of cetaceans". The phenomenon of upwelling is the presence of strong currents that lead, in the layer where sunlight can penetrate, large masses of water at a depth of 100-200 meters. As a result, these waters are particularly rich in nitrates and phosphates, and their presence on the surface creates an ideal habitat for big marine mammals.

Thanks to the collaboration between Cala Loca and Blu Wind Sailing, you can undertake excursions, get closer to the world of sailing, and much more!

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