Cala Loca, a sustainable bathing experience in the heart of Beigua Park

Learn how our commitment to environmental sustainability has led us to adopt eco-friendly practices and how you too can make a difference during your vacation.

Dear guests,

we are pleased to welcome you to Cala Loca! Our facility is located in the heart of Beigua Park - a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This special place, rich in unique flora and fauna, inspires us to adopt sustainable practices to protect the surrounding environment and reduce the production of polluting substances and materials as much as possible.

We are aware that the choice of sustainability is important for the future of all of us and that of the planet for this reason we have decided to concretely change organization and offerta in massima coerenza con la nostra volontà di  fare concretamente la “nostra parte”.

For this reason, this year, we have taken an additional step toward operating the facility with the least possible environmental impact:

1. Low use of non-bio-degradable materials (e.g. plastic etc.) in favor of natural ones (e.g. glass, wood and aluminum) 1.

2. low energy consumption (e.g., electricity, gas etc.) by reducing consumption in the kitchen and throughout the facility. We have also initiated a project to use renewable energy and energy-efficient facilities in the coming years.

3. low consumption of polluting materials (soaps etc.) by replacing ceramic tableware with disposable compostable ones

4. use of fresh, seasonal, locally grown ingredients to reduce environmental impact from transportation (pollution) and food storage (energy consumption).

5. reduction of food waste by implementing good food management practices such as menu planning following the dictates of "street food" that reduces food cooking in favor of fresh and zero-mileage.

6. reduction of waste produced through separate collection and recycling of materials.

But our efforts alone are not enough. We need your cooperation to make Cala Loca more and more sustainable. Therefore, we invite you to participate and support our sustainability initiative by following the suggestions you will receive in the facility such as, for example, to properly dispose of your waste in the special separate waste collections inside our facility.

We are confident that by acting together, we can make a difference and help preserve the environment around us. Thank you for your attention! We wish you a relaxing and engaging experience at our sustainable facility nestled between Beigua Park and Cetacean Sanctuary.

United for the preservation of our planet!

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CALA LOCA has joined the project SUSTAINABLE BEACHES.

An initiative of FRIEND OF SEA

How to be sustainable even at the beach?

Every year millions of people enjoy "our" wonderful beaches all over the world.
However, this causes environmental impacts and, as a result, has an impact on our environment
marine. For this reason, Friend of the Sea has established requirements to safeguard beaches.
Through our awareness of the harmful impacts of littering and the
respect for the natural flora and fauna of beaches and marine species, we can contribute
To the sustainable management of our beaches

Friend of the Sea has developed sustainable beach management tools that reduce the
Minimizing unintentional beach disturbance through key principles of behavior.

Friend of the Sea's criteria for sustainable beaches require:

For more information, visit




There are endless reasons why one should not collect and take from the beach shells, sand, gravel, pebbles or fill a bottle with seawater or remove other materials belonging to the state property.

The first is exquisitely legal: in fact, the Navigation Code (Art. 1162) punishes this illegal act with penalties ranging from €1,549 up to €9,286.

But beyond the strictly economic aspect, what should make people desist from this act, considered harmless by many, is the desire to preserve the landscape and ecosystem of the place.

The act of an individual taking away even a single shell or stone, repeated by millions of people, results in the disruption of the balance of many stretches of coastline as well as the ecosystem of beaches.

Cala Loca has always promoted behavior aimed at protecting the environment in which it is located, the Beigua Natural Park, a protected natural area included in the prestigious UNESCO Global Geoparks list.

This year, this "mission" has taken on an even wider echo, thanks to the certification that Friend of the sea (www.friendofthesea) has recognized us. We are the first certified "friend of the sea" private beach!

How to make your contribution? Respect the environment around you, do NOT pick up stones, rocks, shrubs.

You will thus help preserve the ecosystem of this area of sea and land for future generations as well!

For more information, visit


That our sea is Blue Flag by now is a well-known fact!

But it is important that water quality is monitored and the results made known.

Each month, starting with the official opening of the season, you will find posted on our bulletin board the data on the water analysis carried out periodically and provided by the municipality.

But a "stand-alone" check can be done by consulting the government's official website on bathing waters.


Here is the situation on the coast

and the detail of the stretch of sea in front of Cala Loca


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