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In this space you will find the questions we have received most frequently over the past two years. This is useful information, which saves you from contacting us and thus saves you time. Look here for your answer before you write or call us!

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Frequently asked questions

Below is a summary of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) posed by our beloved #calalocommunity.

Before making a decision

Yes, reservations for the beach are necessary if you want to be sure of a place. It can be made online by going to THIS page or by writing to us at prenotazioni@calaloca.it. Regarding Beach Food catering, we do not make reservations for specific tables or spaces but give confirmation of the availability of free spaces. You can be seated where there is a free space on the terrace, small terrace or panoramic staircase.  

In order to have a better chance of finding availability, we recommend communicating your visit a few days before the scheduled date (the further into the high season you go, the more useful it is to anticipate).

Our cove is small in size and we are often full.

Yes, of course! In fact, it is the best way to check availability. At www.calaoca.it in addition to finding a lot of information about the facility and our services, you can register and request availability of services with the online form.

Yes, we have our own parking lot adjacent to the entrance on Aurelia Street which is usually sufficient to meet the needs or, they make use of the parking lots at the Cogoleto exit and then reach us by walking 5-10 minutes on the Europa promenade where we have a second entrance.


No, as a rule. However, in case of availability, especially in the off-season or on weekdays, some stations are used for "half-day."


For changing, we make available: a free communal changing room, individual cubicles to rent for the day, or, for those who only have items to store, convenient lockable boxes/cabinets. For use of the hot shower, simply ask for tokens at the bar.


Yes, certainly. Outside the entrance on the Europa promenade, we have a convenient rack where you can store your vehicles. If you are without a chain we can provide it for you free of charge. We do not rent such equipment at our facility we can refer you to those who do within a few minutes walk from us.

During the booking process

And preferred as a rule. The best experience is had by enjoying all our services throughout the day. In any case by making a request you will always receive a response (positive or negative), about the availability of this solution, from our customer service department.

Only in case it was booked along with lunch. The beach is not a service of the restaurant, but in case of availability, by asking the wait staff it is possible to purchase the necessary seats at the moment.

Yes certainly. We offer an extensive list of aperitifs, both for guests on the beach and those coming from off-site. We have several spaces where you can enjoy them even for those who are not already on the beach. Visit the website to discover them!

As a rule, especially for groups of more than 6 people, reservations are appreciated using the email prenotazioni@calaloca.it in order to ensure the availability of places. 

No. But we are working on some surprises for late afternoons and evenings, starting in June, which we will tell you about later!

Yes, of course! We offer the location either exclusively or for partial use of areas or equipment (in the restaurant or on the beach).

Weddings, celebrations, presentations, corporate events, photo/video shoots, exhibitions etc are the initiatives we have handled over the years with professionalism and customer satisfaction. You can ask us for a customized proposal for your needs by writing to eventi@calaloca.it

After booking

Yes, as soon as possible. It is an act of courtesy to the staff but also a guarantee of one's reservation. The small number of seats at the beach and tables at the restaurant and the high demand obliges us to consider failure to arrive at the beach by 10:30 a.m. as a NON SHOW and therefore cancel the reservation. For food service we do not have reservations but assign seats based on arrival and in the available area for which access is guaranteed not a specific seat.

To notify just write to prenotazioni@calaloca.it or contact us by phone at +39 019 90507 +39 019 90507

Yes, certainly. In case of major bad weather, illness or unforeseen events you can write to us and report the problem at least the day before. Failure to inform us will not result in any penalty (we trust in the fairness of our guests) but it will remain flagged in your name in the system and then we will consider later whether to accept new reservations from you.

At the beach

No, you cannot bring in food or drinks from outside, except for small children or in case of food intolerances or allergies that we cannot handle. 

No, in order to ensure the best stay for our guests, music with headphones can be played, and no sports activities are allowed that would harm guests' peace and relaxation. As such, it is recommended that guests take care of their children's behavior on the beach.

The beach remains open until 7 p.m. so it is requested to organize a few minutes earlier in order to clear the stations and allow the staff to begin tidying up and sanitizing the equipment.

It is possible to bring small and medium-sized companion animals into the food areas. Not on the beach unfortunately. Regardless of our will the animals they cannot access the beach because we do not have spaces available to dedicate to them, as required by the provisions for the protection of animals.

What additional services do you offer?

Yes, certainly. We have two stand up pads (paddle boards) available for rental. We can also request, notified in time at least 1-2 days in advance, bicycles and e-bikes.

Not real conventions, but we have selected some operators in the area "friends" who offer a service and facility that our guests have previously enjoyed. Should it be appreciated, we will be able to provide you with contact information by requesting it at the time of booking.

Yes, certainly. By booking early we can offer shuttle service to and from your hotel or home for a small additional charge depending on distance. We can also provide pick up at the airport and/or port of Genoa or the port of Savona (cost to be determined). We can also pick up, at the beginning of the Europa walk, guests with partial walking difficulties or elderly people.

No, unfortunately. We do not have space for such needs given the small and very particular conformation of our cove. Moreover, we recommend that all parents who are guests of the facility take special care of the behavior and noisiness of children to preserve the peace of the cove as expected by all guests seeking relaxation.


They are signs for the safety and security of our guests and signal: red flag the prohibition of bathing, yellow flag the prohibition of using umbrellas.

More information

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